Birthday Card

I’m trying to clean out my craft room that has been also the junk room.  So while throwing out all the empty boxes and sorting through all my “stuff”, I came across my card layout folder.  I have some old magazines that I started cutting out pictures of card layouts that I like and glueing them onto paper to create a layout binder for inspiration.  I was looking through the folder and found a card that I liked and said to myself, “I still have that stamp set”, so I decided to take a break and make a card.  So here it is….

I used Stampin’ Up! retired stamp set Alpha Shadows. Cardstock: Brilliant Blue, Summer Sun, Real Red, Cameo Coral and same color ink, including Black ink for the saying. I found in my stash some White with Yellow grid lines DS paper. Took some yellow DS paper and used my scallop punch to make the border on top and bottom. Put it all together and adhered it to some Confetti White cardstock. I liked the way the card turned out, so I made several. The first one took some time to make but after I figured it out it was easy peasy to put together.

Ribbon Storage Ideas

I’m in the process of organizing my craft room, which has been a process for several years. hahahaha Today I thought I would share how I decided to organize my mega supply of ribbon.

I found this idea on a website, (sorry I don’t remember where), so I adopted this idea I’ve tried different ways of storing ribbon, using rods, trying to keep the spools organized in a plastic bin and found that using ribbon cards was the best way for me.

I know a lot of us have a lot of ribbon and keeping it on the spools takes up a lot of space. This method, I felt, frees up a lot of space. I try and organize them by color so I can find the ribbon I need quickly. I had some plastic drawers that are the perfect size for my ribbon cards, so I moved stuff around to use those drawers. I started with my ribbons that are just a big jumbled mess and untangled and put them on my cards. Oh yes, my cards are 2 1/2″ x 3″. I cut them from mat board. I use rubberbands to hold the ribbon in place on the cards. You could also use pins to keep the ends in place. I’m not done putting my ribbon on cards yet but I’m getting there. I can’t believe how much space doing this frees up.

I found the video below that is a similar idea to mine. So I thought it would be great to share other ribbon storage ideas with you. Below I have included a few videos on how other crafters store their ribbons. So maybe you’ll find a storage solution for yourself.

Now the video below similar storage solution to mine, she used foam board, I used mat board. Mat board is a bit firmer board, either will work just fine and I think the foam board would be cheaper than the mat board. I cut my pieces 2 1/2″ x 3″. This size works perfectly for me in my drawers that I have. I’ve also included some other ribbon organizational ideas.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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