Makin’ the Tamales

The weekend before the Christmas weekend my husband and I drove to my parents so my husband could help my mom make tamales.  I helped on the last batch.  They all turned out really good!  So here’s a little slide show of all the fun…..

 So here is my mom and Kevin with my dad in the back.  My dad was making refried beans for us to eat with some red chili and rice before all the tamale making gets on it’s way.  By the way, my dad makes the best refried beans ever!


Here’s a picture of all the good fixin’s…spanish rice, green chili and red chili. hmmm… where’s my dad’s great refried beans?


Here’s Kevin showing the mixer mixing up the masa. OMG!


My mom and Kevin making the tamales. And my dad supervising. hehehe


1st batch cooking. yum..yum!!


Kevin’s putting the chili and folding the tamales.


He’s putting his tamales in the pot so he can get them cooking.


Here’s the Proud Tamale Maker all done with his tamales. Waiting for them to finish cooking so we can test them.


Good job Mom and Kevin. They were all real GOOD!

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