Wow It’s June Already

Wow!  It’s June already, I can’t believe half the year has gone by!  I don’t even know where May went…..crazy.

Well, I haven’t posted for a while but I’ve been working on my cards.  I just have to get back into this posting stuff.

OK  my mom is goofy sometimes….my sister and I just laugh at some of the things she does.  Long story short, she and my dad went to one of those free clinics at the senior center to have their blood pressure checked and so on.  And so my dad’s blood pressure was a little high and the Dr. told him to go to his doctor and have it check again and to get something for it if it is still high.  Well, my mom’s was normal and the Dr. said that both of them are in good shape for their age.  He couldn’t believe their age in the first place, they both look younger than they are.

This is a picture of them a couple of years ago, but they still look the same.  My dad is 83 and my mom is 82.  Don’t they look fantastic!  Well on to the story.  My mom loves her wine, so keep that in mind.  The Dr. told them that they could have a small glass of wine at night instead of an asprin.  Well, my mom goes, Oh Really.  Well that just made her day.  The Dr. goes, just a small glass, she was just excited.  So she’s tell me this story and the next day I was making cards looking for some stamps and I came across this one.  So I just had to make a card for her…..


OMG!  She was just laughing when she got it.


And then I sent her this one, because she’s always on the phone

Well that’s all for now.  Hope you have a wonderful – cool weekend.  (it’s suppose to go over 100 today here in Arizona City) .  Take it easy………until next time

Tutorial of the Day:  No Tales Bow this is an easy way to make a perfect bow for your card.

Recipe of the Day: Chocolate Brownies




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